From finding casting auditions to attending workshops and networking events, every acting professional needs some reliable resources to further their career. For Alessandra Williams, there are a few resources that stand out. Below, Alessandra lists some of her favorite resources to use in her acting endeavors.

Casting About

Casting About is an excellent resource for finding information about projects that are currently casting in major film cities. Not only does Casting About help performers find out who is involved in upcoming productions, but it provides opportunities for actors to market themselves and build connections throughout the industry. Researching this kind of information can be time-consuming, so having a resource like Casting About can save a lot of time.  


SAG-AFRA is a union of professional actors that provides workshops while ensuring fair compensation and benefits for its members. However, even if you aren’t a member, it can be a great educational resource for all things related to the film industry. Additionally, some events are open to non-members! Check out their website to see everything they have to offer.

Acting Resource Guru

Looking for information on casting workshops and general advice for acting? Acting Resource Guru is an excellent resource. Weekly videos on the blog provide practical tips for actors, and the website can help connect professionals with casting workshops that can help expand their professional networks. Succeeding in the acting world relies significantly on knowing the right people, so this is a great place to start.

Wendy Braun’s Actor Inspiration

Acting professionals like Alessandra Williams need more than just professional skill development–mental mastery and success strategies are also critical. Wendy Braun is an excellent resource for finding inspiration and how to take care of yourself as an actor, so you are ready to thrive. On top of practical advice for audition success, Wendy provides other resources like guided meditations and well-being practices.

These are just a few of Alessandra Williams’s favorite resources for her acting career. From professional to personal development, these groups and websites have much to offer for any performing professional. Check out these websites to find inspirational blogs, challenging workshops, information about professional opportunities, and more!