Professionals in the performing arts often have busy schedules full of auditions, filming, meetings, promotional engagements, and more. It can be challenging to maintain a consistent daily routine. Nevertheless, Alessandra Williams has a few fundamental principles that she strives to live by in her daily routines. Read on to learn more about how Alessandra spends her time to keep herself feeling her best and ready to tackle her latest projects.

A Mindful Morning

No matter where she is, Alessandra Williams makes a habit of starting her mornings mindfully. Waking up early and making time for yoga, meditation, or other relaxing mindfulness exercises helps her start every day off on a positive note. Other morning habits include making her bed so she has a peaceful place to rest at the end of a long day and drinking plenty of water to energize her body.

Time for Personal Development

With her busy acting schedule, it can be challenging for Alessandra Williams to find time to focus on her personal development intentionally. As a result, she makes it a goal to read or listen to something inspirational or educational throughout the day. Whether listening to a podcast on the way to a set or reading a book on a flight to a new destination, these intentional moments help Alessandra continue to learn and build her aspirations. 

Additionally, Alessandra intentionally sets and maintains personal goals for each day. Sometimes these might align with long-term goals; other times, it might be something as simple as “answer that important email from yesterday.” Regardless, this practice of goal setting helps her plan her day intentionally and ensures she is constantly working toward something.

Intentional Self-Care

Finally, Alessandra Williams intentionally makes time for self-care every day. Self-care might look different from day to day, though. On a busy day of filming, self-care might just be ensuring she follows her entire skincare routine to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It might include a solid workout to strengthen her body on a quieter day. Whatever the day holds, Alexandra strives to make sure she has time for at least one intentional self-care activity to help avoid burnout.

Even though her schedule can look wildly different daily, Alessandra Williams always lives by these small habits in her daily routine. Prioritizing these principles helps her keep her energy and motivation levels high while taking care of her physical needs and promoting personal development.