The Internet makes it easy to find information and entertainment in a matter of seconds. While this has many benefits, it also means that quiet time is more difficult to come by. Endless scrolling and instant messaging deafen us from our thoughts, robbing us of the peace of self-inspection.

Many people are turning to journaling in order to keep their thoughts in order. A practice as old as time, journaling gives us a creative way to disconnect from the outside world. Some people fill journals with words; others include drawings and photos that can illustrate a story. No matter how you choose to journal, it is helpful for many reasons.

Some benefits of keeping a journal include:

Keep Track of Goals

Journals are useful for documenting progress. Often we lose track of the learning process by focusing on an end project. Doing so throws away useful lessons that surface along the way.

Take time to write in a journal when you’re working on a goal. You will find satisfaction reading these notes once finished.

Improve Writing Skills

Many people struggle to communicate in writing, overwhelmed by the task of organizing ideas in a coherent manner.

It is a great advantage to have talent with the written word. Keeping a journal allows you to express yourself clearly and efficiently. Find your voice by spending time with a journal every day.

Reduce Anxiety

Therapists recommend journaling to promote mental health. Many people who keep journals report sleeping better after putting thoughts on paper.

Take some time before bed to write about things that cause you stress. Even if they seem like small matters, following this routine helps get them out of your head. This can settle racing thoughts and form a new perspective.

Journals allow us to know ourselves through creative expression. They help us find peace by settling anxiety and clearing the mind. If you have not started journaling yet, it is not too late. Find a method that works for you and see how it brings clarity.