Government lockdowns, school and business closures, and inflation have caused people to experience elevated stress levels in the past few years. Taking care of oneself has become more critical than ever for one’s mental and physical health. Below are some easy ways to banish stress and improve your mental well-being.

Opening up your blinds or curtains when you wake up can help you wake up, and it can reduce your stress and boost your vitamin D levels. Do you use an alarm clock? Set it to the time you actually wake up. Research shows that setting the alarm clock too early will result in disruptive sleep and more stress.

Houseplants add decor and fresh air to your home. They also reduce stress and can even lower blood pressure. Many easy-to-care houseplants are available that require little to no work for people who think they can’t take care of plants.

Making yourself a cup of herbal tea or lighting a candle is a great way to relieve stress. Making tea gives you a mini-break, and it also helps keep you hydrated. Scented candles can also help lower anxiety and depression. Look for scents such as lavender and frankincense that are known to be calming.

Being grateful has a lot of benefits. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and even boost our cardiac health. You can begin a gratitude journal or jot down some things you are grateful for. If you are not someone who likes to write, think of some of the things you appreciate in life or are thankful for. That will work as well.

Massages feel good, and they also provide many other benefits. They have been shown to help alleviate pain and soreness and boost immunity. Reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and better circulation are additional benefits. You can use massage tools, ask your partner for a massage or get a massage from a masseuse.

Dancing is another way to shake off tension. Dance away on your own while listening to your favorite music or take dance lessons. Ethier way, the dancing, and letting loose are great ways to let go of all that stress.