The film industry is known for its exclusivity and star-studded presence that entices many. From novice filmmakers to aspiring actresses to behind-the-scenes technicians, the glam of Hollywood and the allure of the film industry is a glorified dream for many, but its intimidation and difficulty to get into sometimes prevent talented individuals from pursuing this career fully.

Rather than letting intimidation scare you away from such a rewarding profession, use whatever resources you have to pursue career growth opportunities in the film industry, such as the ones listed below. Gaining experience in these areas can make a huge difference on your resume and introduce you to pivotal industry contacts.

Enter Contests

Industry-related contests are a great way to begin building your portfolio and showcasing your work to the public. Even though a local contest might not draw Hollywood-level attention, this can introduce you to others interested in the industry and multiply your chances of your work being seen by someone who could introduce you to a further opportunity. Participating in the contest alone is a great way to build your skills, but winning it could have even more significant benefits for your career.

Target Agents

Connections go a long way in the film industry. Most of those who have made it big in Hollywood had previous industry connections of some sort or worked tirelessly to create a network of their own. Agents are the hidden moneymakers that you will want to establish a relationship with, as their connections in the industry can get you further than you would have made it yourself. There are some strategic ways to get seen by an agent, such as signing up with IMDb Pro, looking up writers or directors of the niche you hope to occupy, and sending their agents a query letter that includes your contact information. This diligent work can pay off in big ways if done correctly.

Push Out Online Content

Nowadays, there are so many online tools for pushing out content and increasing your chances of being seen. TikTok is one of the greatest growth opportunities right now, and with the ability to upload enticing video content that could go viral, the career growth that could come about is very promising. One might never know when their content could go viral, but putting consistent and well-produced content out can increase your chances of being successful.