What Alessandra Williams Learned From Filming “Paul, the Apostle of Christ”

If you ask any actor or actress if a specific role changed their outlook on their work, many would likely say yes. This is the case for Alessandra Williams while working on the critically acclaimed movie Paul: Apostle Of Christ. Vino’s experience filming the movie remains one of the most impactful in her career, and she began to better understand the benefits of committing to a role. Her preparation and commitment helped her land the role of Octavia and is something that she is eternally grateful for.

When Alessandra Williams was first presented with the opportunity to audition for the movie, she knew right away that she could not pass up such an incredible opportunity. With a full month of preparation available, Vino took the time to commit herself to the role and incorporated a variety of changes to her lifestyle in the four weeks prior to the audition. She made a commitment to do a spiritual and physical cleanse and removed all technology and other common distractions. She also fasted before the audition, as she focused on better understanding the role she would potentially play, and feels that the month of preparation was truly life-changing for her.

Alessandra Williams entered the audition ready to pour her heart and soul into the character and role she was looking to play. The audition took place with only the Director, and she had the chance to show her versatility as an actress. Her commitment to the character left both her and the Director in tears, as they both realized how special the situation was. 

While Vino did not get cast for the original role she auditioned for, she was thrilled to learn that the Director had created a new role for her. He was moved by her audition and wanted to ensure that she could work on the movie and showcase her skills. At that moment, Vino felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity and excitement to be featured in such a powerful film. Her personal experiences with adversity helped guide her during the month leading up to the audition, as well as during her time filming. 

Without continued support from loved ones and her late mentor, Elizabeth Kemp, Vino feels like this opportunity would not have been possible. After being diagnosed with a severe illness, Kemp sadly passed away without notice, something that Vino learned of shortly before filming began. She truly believes that Kemp was there throughout her time filming the movie and knows that she would have been proud.