Accomplished actress and creative executive Alessandra Williams is pleased to announce the release of her new movie, Green Kola. The exciting film was shown during the Manhattan Film Festival, which took place on June 11, 2022. Vino not only directed the film, but also starred as Nina Finch, the main character that the film follows. 

Known as a satire documentary that follows a photographer that is hired to shoot a major campaign involving celebrity sweetheart, Nina Finch. It focuses on how a star’s inner circle can function, while also providing satire throughout the film, making it a great watch for anyone. The film takes place in New York City, where many stars are born through grit and hard work. While the film has great messages throughout, it still provides satire and humor that will make anyone smile. The film also stars Katherine Wallach and Eugenia Kuzmina. 

Green Kola is Alessandra Williams’s first work as a screenwriter in 2022, and has been a main focus for her this year. She has become passionate about being more involved in the creation of new films, and uses her own experiences as an actress to guide her.

About Alessandra Williams
Alessandra Williams is an accomplished actress, screenwriter, and Vice President of Flick Ventures, LLC that currently resides between Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York. She first began pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress when she was a teenager, when she was hired as the real-life role of assistant to Martin Bregman. She would credit this opportunity for gaining more knowledge and understanding of the entertainment industry. Her work with Lorimar Motion Pictures further expanded her knowledge, preparing her for the demands of working as an actress. 

Since then, Alessandra Williams has had the opportunity to work in a variety of films, including Spencer Confidential, Paul, The Apostle of Christ, and Mile 22. She is also a lifetime member of The Actor’s Studio in New York and Los Angeles.