Alessandra Williams attended the 6th Annual Paris Independent Film Festival, which was first held in 2015, and has showcased some of the most promising new works in independent cinema. The festival features independent films from all around the world. The jury, which is composed of international experts, chooses the best films from each genre.

The Paris Independent Film Festival awarded Alessandra Williams’s “GREEN KOLA” with the Best Short Film award. The festival, which supports independent filmmakers and female filmmakers, is known for its highbrow audience.

The Manhattan Film Festival awarded Green Kola, “Best Comedy.”

The London Be Epic Film Festival awarded Green Kola as an Honorary Mention. 

LAShorts Film festival had Green Kola open the festival this year. An Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festival! 

Alessandra wrote and directed Green Kola; she collaborated with Lera, a Ukrainian video producer, to create the film. Renowned photographer and entrepreneur, Verglas served as the executive producer.

Alessandra Williams is an actress and writer who stars in the mockumentary Green Kola, a comedy she wrote alongside Eugenia Kuzmina and Katherine Wallach. The film, which is Alessandra’s second short film, was praised by the festival’s jury for its unique and original portrayal. The jury members of the festival noted that Green Kola was an amazing project that they could not help but fall in love with. The film focuses on the inner workings of the film industry and revolves around a Hollywood actress named Nina Finch. The story takes place in New York City and follows the life of French photographer, Verglas, who was recently selected to shoot the most anticipated fashion campaign of the year. Green Kola aims to show how the lifestyles of these individuals are often portrayed as a facade. The film also talked about the various elements of Nina Finch’s seemingly perfect lifestyle.

Alessandra Williams has been a commercial actress in Manhattan for a long time. She was able to land over twenty ads during her teenage years. When Parmeet Sethi of Badmaa$h Company saw her work, he decided to hire her as Linda, the lead role in his film. She went on to become a professional actress and became a member of New York City’s prestigious Actor’s Studio.

Alessandra played the role of Gloria, an organized crime victim, in Peter Berg’s Spenser Confidential for Netflix. She also worked with various actors, such as Jim Caviezel, Oliver Martinez, and Joanne Whalley, in Andrew Hyatt’s Paul, the Apostle of Christ. Amongst 30 other TV Shows and Movies. Check out her IMDB! 

Alessandra played the role of Lindsay in HBO’s How to Make it in America. She also appeared in various recurring roles on shows such as Golden Boy and Agent Carter.

Apart from being an incredibly talented actress, Alessandra Williams also gives back to the community through her art. As a philanthropist, many of her pieces have been auctioned off to benefit a charity close to her own heart, Stop Poaching Now.