Working in the entertainment industry can bring a variety of unique professional opportunities. Whether through working as an actor, producer, writer, or director, there are many ways to get involved in the entertainment industry. This is true for accomplished Actress and Producer Alessandra Williams, who has built an impressive career. With an impressive background in film, television, and theater, Alessandra has learned important skills to succeed over several years. Alessandra is especially proud of her work as a producer; since 2012, she has produced three films, with her most recent film being released in 2022. Learn more about her exciting work as a producer and why this has been beneficial for her career. 

Green Kola

Alessandra Williams’s film, Green Kola, premiered during the 2022 Manhattan Film Festival, which took place in June. The satire film follows photographer Antoine Verglas after he is hired to shoot photos of America Sweetheart, Nina Finch. Alessandra played the role of Nina and looked at how the lives of individuals in the spotlight work. She worked as the writer, producer, director, and main actress in the film, using her past experiences to guide her. The film won the “Best Short Film” award at the Paris Independent Film Festival after being praised for its original direction and a stellar cast. 

Consult And Conquer

Originally released in 2016, Consult And Conquer was Alessandra Williams’s third piece as a producer. She also worked as the writer and director for the film and played one of the main roles. The film follows two best friends that are convinced of a boyfriend’s infidelity and decide to break into his home for evidence. Its original storyline makes Consult And Conquer another unique piece of Alessandra that she continues to be proud of.


Another film released in 2016 that Alessandra Williams helped produce called Soulmates. The thriller film follows a husband and wife that experienced a home invasion. After the invasion, the couple begins to suspect that a more sinister and dangerous reason is to blame and ultimately begins to look deeper.